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Comparison of operating costs

Energy costs per year
Number of vacuum pumps vacuum pump(s)
Type of vacuum pump(s) Mink MM 1202 AV ACFM
Nominal motor rating 4.2 HP HP
Operating time per year running hours per day
operating days per year
= 2,125 hours per year
Electricity price USD/kWh
Total energy costs 1,071 USD 1,913 USD
Savings in energy costs per year 842 USD
Partial maintenance costs per year (figures per vacuum pump)
Change of inlet filter 97 USD USD
Cleaning of internal filters - USD
Check of water level/refill - USD
Vane change (labor costs) - USD
Cleaning of water circuit - USD
Vane change (parts) - USD
Oil change in gear box (oil + labor costs) 43 USD USD
Total maintenance costs (based on all vacuum pumps) 140 USD 1,351 USD
Savings in maintenance costs per year 1,211 USD
Total savings per year with Mink 2,053 USD



Comparison of operating costs as PDF-document

Rotary vane vacuum pump

Liquid ring vacuum pump

The figures provided refer to annual costs typical to the market.


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