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Cost reductions thanks to the benefits offered by Mink

Take advantage!

Energy and operating costs are an increasingly important factor when purchasing new machinery. For applications, such as CNC wood working process, Busch can offer the solution to reduce costs.

Save 25% or more on energy and operating costs

Save money by choosing Mink claw vacuum pumps over rotary vane vacuum pumps. On average, you can save between 1,500 USD and 4,000 USD on your energy an operating costs per year*.
In many cases, a dry-running rotary vane vacuum pump can be replaced with a smaller sized Mink.
This is possible because the Mink works completely wear-free, whereas the pumping speed of a dry-running rotary vane vacuum pump reduces across its service life.


Save energy and operating costs by using contact-free Mink claw technology due to:

  • wear-free vacuum technology
  • energy savings
  • constant high suction capacities
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* Actual savings depends on a number of factors and will vary.

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